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For large businesses worldwide, investment in innovation generated by third parties is now an obligation, as well as an opportunity to create the new economy of the future, more ethical and inclusive than that of the past.

It is time to create a new corporate value through an economic model that encourages the exploitation of external skills and is able to accelerate the growth of start-ups, medium and small corporations and scientific institutions.

The Open Innovation paradigm is the solution to this need for change and the Technology Transfer can and should be the enabler of this change.

Quantum Leap is the Italian leading advisory firm in the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer. We stand at the intersection of research and industries, bringing the gap between ideas and innovation with the approach of Open Innovation.

We strongly believe in the power of ideas to make the World a better place. Therefore, we support bright people to establish game-changing start-ups or to revolutionize companies, leveraging on disruptive technologies.

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